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Gas Installation Works

Reliable Gas Installation Services in Kenya

Gas Works

If you are part of the catering trade and involved with the preparation and cooking of food, you will be fully aware of the problems associated with the repair and maintenance to the catering equipment that you use on a daily basis at your establishment. At Snow Desert we have a wealth of knowledge and experience gained by many years involvement with the catering equipment maintenance industry. 

We fully understand the urgency of a repair, such as, when your main Combination oven breaks down half way through preparing for this evenings , or when you arrive early in the morning with a busy day ahead, only to find that your main Cooker will not light, or maybe worst of all when your fryer decides to break down on Friday during lunch preparation. We class these as priority-one situations and they are attended to before any other routine repair in the queue. This ensures that your key catering equipment is producing product and earning profit, rather than standing idle and awaiting repair.

We specialize in

  • Kitchen gas installation
  • Laboratory gas installation
  • Servicing of catering equipment
  • Commercial and domestic gas installation.

Commercial kitchen Gas safety Inspections
We Say, Never Compromise on Safety! Be it your personal safety, kids safety, car safety or your home safety. You must be aware of timely safety inspections available for you.

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